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DC 37 members and retirees at annual
Grassroots Lobbying Institute.

The Lobbying Institute

Our annual Lobbying Institute trains hundreds of activists to effectively express to legislators their views regarding budget and legislative issues. PAL organizes Lobby Day trips to Albany by rank-and-file members and leaders to communicate our priorities loud and clear. For more information, call Political Action and Legislation at (212) 815-1550.

More about the Lobbying Institute

What is the Lobbying Institute?
The Lobbying Institute, which is generally held in March, is designed to empower members and teach them how to effectively express their concerns to their legislators –either in person, by phone, or by letter. The program allows members to receive an inside view of the legislative process and to hear from government officials about what it is like to be lobbied. The Institute also makes members eligible to attend the DC 37 Lobby Day in Albany in the spring.

What are AFSCME and DC 37 Lobby Days?
Members are given an opportunity to personally lobby their elected officials in Albany and hear from the leadership of District Council 37, the State Senate and Assembly regarding key legislation.

What is the Legislative Conference?
The Legislative Conference marks the first phase in the development of the political and legislative program that DC 37 union members will pursue in the upcoming year.

How can I get involved in any of these conferences or programs sponsored by DC 37?
A month before each conference or program, the Political Action Department runs an advertisement and coupon in the union newspaper, Public Employee Press, inviting members to attend. If members are interested, they submit a coupon to PAL before the posted deadline. Members will receive confirmation cards a week before the event.