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Eddie Rodriguez

President, District Council 37

Eddie Rodriguez
Uniting the union

DC 37 President Eddie Rodriguez was re-elected unopposed in November 2015 to a second full term, which began in January 2016.

First elected in May 2011 after his predecessor retired in mid-term, Rodriguez presides over what is at times a contentious democracy. But in those times, he responds in a relaxing, often humorous manner that helps the delegates gatherings run smoothly.

As he told the DC 37’s Public Employee Press in November 2013, “It’s very challenging because you are dealing with a large group of leaders whose locals have specific needs.”

Apart from presiding over delegates and executive board meetings, Rodriguez is also in charge of appointments to union committees.

Rodriguez, who is president of Clerical-Administrative Employees Local 1549, has dedicated his life to public service, since arriving at the Dept. of Social Services in 1972, as a 19-year-old Clerk and Eligibility Specialist.

Shortly afterward, he committed fully to the union. In 1976, he became a shop steward at the Dyckman Center, beginning his rise within Local 1549, first serving as a chapter chair, then as a delegate, sergeant-at-arms and later as 5th vice president. In 2001, Rodriguez took over as president of the local.

In his tenure as Local 1549 president, Rodriguez has worked tirelessly to advance the rights and improve the conditions of his members, pushing for civilianization at the NYPD and fighting on behalf of 911 workers regarding excessive overtime and unfair work rules and labor practices.

Rodriguez has also been an enthusiastic supporter of DC 37/AFSCME Strong, leading his local in developing intensive training for shop stewards and advancing the union against attacks by right-wing special interests out to destroy the labor movement.

“We have to come together as one,” he said, in speaking of the organizing effort.

— Mike Lee
Public Employee Press