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DC 37 Divisions

11,000 members in highways, parks, water system, sewers, and in maintenance of city structures.

Jobs: water system workers, construction laborers, laborers, custodial assistants, custodial supervisors, motor vehicle operators, motor vehicle supervisors, lifeguards, lieutenant lifeguards, associate park service workers, attendants, supervisors, gardeners, climbers and pruners, sewage treatment workers, TEA III's and TEA IV's, lead abatement workers, locksmiths, press operators, furniture maintainers, radio repair mechanics, marine employees, city park workers, debris removers, urban park rangers, associate urban park rangers, traffic device maintainers, parking meter service workers, watershed maintainers, high pressure plant tenders, asbestos handlers, highway repairers, assistant highway repairers, maintainers, bridge and tunnel level I, II, III, supervisors: DEP/DOT/Parks and JTP's Job Training Participants Affiliate.

22,000 members. Members work in 40 mayoralty agencies—Human Resources, Health & Hospitals, Police, Housing Preservation and Development, Sanitation, Environmental Protection, General Services—and other agencies.

Jobs: clerical associates, secretaries, eligibility specialists, police administrative aides, cashiers, shop clerks, supervising PCTs, senior PAAs, police communication technicians, word processors, call center representatives, clerical aides, enrollment sales representatives, assistant sales representatives and all related titles.


(212) 815-1030

10,184 members in city hospitals, health centers, Department of Correction, Department of Health and Fire Department.

Jobs: nurse's aides, nurse's aide transport escorts, dietary, institutional, housekeeping and service aides, central supply assistants, laundry workers and washers, licensed barbers and beauticians, watchpersons, elevator operators, ambulatory care technicians, ambulance technicians, maternal child care, medicine-surgery, medical waste, mortuary, operating room, psychiatric/social health and rehabilitation technicians, including respiratory therapy technician series and bio-medical equipment technicians series, patient care technicians, and patient care associates.

46,899 members work in libraries, colleges, social and health agencies and in professional positions in mayoralty and non-mayoralty agencies, and private institutions.

Jobs: physicists, engineers, public health nurses, case workers, community assistants, supv. 1 (social work), hospital care investigators, architects, therapists, dental hygienists, public health sanitarians, public health advisors, physicians' assistants, librarians, accountants, social workers, artists, real estate managers, rent examiners, consumer affairs inspectors, city assessors and appraisers, attorneys, college office assistants, computer programmers, psychologists, recreation directors, chaplains, claims examiners, human rights specialists, EMS technicians and paramedics, EMS lieutenants and captains and juvenile counselors.


(212) 815-1050

Services one local, Local 372 NYC Board of Education Employees.

26,221 members work in elementary, middle, junior high, and high schools, Committee on Special Education schools and parochial schools, 78 NYPD precincts and hotels for the homeless.

Jobs: lunchroom workers, school aides, health aides, school neighborhood workers, family paraprofessionals, film inspection assistants, loaders and handlers, substance abuse prevention intervention specialists, community coordinators, community associates, community assistants and school crossing guards. Serve one million meals daily to school children, senior citizens, the After School/Dinner Program, homeless programs, and the physically challenged, as well as parochial schools. Additionally, provide drug and alcohol abuse prevention and intervention services, family outreach services and various other types of support services.

20,000 members work mainly in non-mayoral municipal agencies and cultural institutions - Department of Education, Board of Higher Education, City and State Court System, Housing Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Department of Finance, Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn, Queens and New York Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of the City of New York, New York Public Library, Wildlife Conservation Society and various cultural institutions in Queens and Staten Island.

Jobs: College assistants, court reporters, interpreters, menagerie keepers, museums' personnel, gardeners and clericals of all levels and kinds.




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