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DC 37 Health & Security Plan Benefits

Optical Benefits

The standard optical benefit is available to the member and his/her eligible dependents once every two years, measured exactly two years from the last day of service. The benefit consists of an eye examination, lenses and frames. You have the right to opt-out of the Planís Optical Benefit coverage. Call the Inquiry Unit at 212-815-1234 for more information.

There are two ways of using the optical benefit. Using the voucher or getting direct reimbursement.

Using a Voucher

If the member wishes to use this method, he/she must complete a Voucher Request Form and send it to the Plan office, or call the Plan office at 212-815-1531 and request a Voucher. Upon receipt of the request, a voucher together with a listing of participating opticians will be forwarded to the member's home. The voucher can be taken to any of our participating providers and the glasses will be provided free of charge. If other than the Plan's frames and lenses are selected, the member will be responsible for the additional expense.


Using Direct Reimbursement

You may obtain a direct reimbursement form from the Plan office or you may click here to download this form.

If this method is chosen, the member must complete an Optical Reimbursement Form and submit it to the Plan office for processing. Payment will be calculated according to the Plan's optical reimbursement fee schedule.

In order to maximize the optical benefit, the member must obtain and file for all three services—eye examination, lenses and frames—simultaneously on the same claim form, whether using the voucher or direct reimbursement method. Remember, the three parts of the benefit cannot be split between the two available methods—voucher or direct reimbursement (except in New Jersey and Florida). The member should also be aware that partial usage of the benefit will be considered the same as full usage.

Using the Vision Center

Effective July 1, 2017 the DC 37 Health Center at 115 Chambers Street will no longer provide vision services.

The yearly vision supplemental benefit provided at 115 Chambers Street will no longer be provided.

  • All information submitted should indicate member's name and Personal Identification number - even when requesting benefits/services for spouse/children.
  • A voucher can be used for exam, frames and lenses. For cataract contact lenses, the reimbursement method should be used.
  • If the voucher has been lost, destroyed, or never received, the member should call the Plan office and request a notary letter. Once the notary letter is completed by the member and returned to the Plan office, a new voucher will be issued.
  • If the voucher is outdated, the voucher MUST be returned to the Plan office indicating if the voucher is to be voided only, or voided and reissued.
  • The Plan will not pay to reimburse you for lost or stolen glasses.

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