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Economic Contract

Local 372 Hourly Employees:

Estimate New Base Rate

(Please double-click in the yellow box, type the amount and hit ‘Enter.’)


**Amounts are pre-tax estimates.
Only use this calculator if you work in the following titles:
School Lunch Helper
Senior School Lunch Helper
School Lunch Helper/Assistant Cook
Senior School Lunch Helper/Cook
Senior School Lunch Helper/Heavy Duty
School Aide
Supervising School Aide
Substitute School Aide
Substitute Supervising School Aide
Health Aide
Substitute Health Aide
Film Inspection Assistant
Substitute Film Inspection Assistant
School Crossing Guard

Please note, these titles are covered by the Local 372 Severance Related Benefits Fund
which will continue to provide retiree benefits for the spouses and domestic partners of
hourly retirees in the above-mentioned titles.