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Activists spread the union message

Activist Evelyn Brown pays close attention during a training session at union headquarters to educate members about defeating the proposed constitutional convention.

Activists are going around the city, visiting members in their homes and at their workplaces to talk about the benefits of union representation and to hear about their working conditions.

Recently, they have discussed the threat of the constitutional convention, which voters turned down in a ballot question in November (see pages 6-7). A convention could have opened the door for delegates to weaken or even eliminate the guarantee for public pensions and the right to union representation, a public education and government benefits.

In green tee shirts and baseball caps, hundreds of members and retirees have participated in the outreach and get-out-the vote effort.

The army of enthusiastic activists have volunteered for the campaign since the summer months, spreading the word about the benefit of unions. They are carrying union cards, urging non-represented city workers to sign up and others to reaffirm their support by signing up again.

Hundreds of union members have been attending training sessions and engaging members at the work place and in their communities educating them about the benefits of belonging to a labor union.

Organizer Julian de Jesus leads a training session at the Police Academy.
Volunteer Member Organizer Lisa Warney gets members to sign union cards at noon meeting.

Activists visit Brooklyn College during the CUNY campaign.
Members plan organizing strategy during a training session at DC 37.

Council Rep Yolanda Johnson explains union benefits to a member at a lunch time meeting.
DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido welcomes a room full of activists to their new office at DC 37.