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PEP Sept. 2011
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Public Employee Press

Civil Service exams you can take

New York City has begun following state law by replacing provisionals who have served longer than four months when civil service lists exist with appointments from the lists. Union members who are provisionals should take civil service tests they are eligible for to become permanent civil service workers. Listed below are exams with upcoming filing periods.

Tips for members who want to take civil service exams

Review the exam schedule monthly at the Dept. of Citywide Administrative Services, www.nyc.gov/dcas. If a scheduled exam is going to be postponed or canceled, the change will be announced at the start of the scheduled filing period.

Read about the duties of the job and the education and experience needed to see if you qualify. Most civil service exams require a filing fee. Check the official Notice of Examination (NOE) for details. You can apply online and pay your application fee by credit, debit or bank card, or you can print out the required application forms. You can also get the NOE and application forms by mail or at the DCAS Application Center on the 17th floor at 2 Lafayette St. in Lower Manhattan. The center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, except holidays.

The list below, filing dates, test dates and qualifications are all subject to change. Get updates by calling 311 (or 212-NEWYORK from outside the city) and asking for civil service information.

Take a test prep course through the DC 37 Ed Fund

District Council 37 has responded to members' need to pass civil service examinations by offering test prep courses through the DC 37 Education Fund. Members and agency-fee payers eligible for Ed Fund benefits may participate. For upcoming courses, check the fund listings in PEP or at www.dc37.net.

Signing up for a union test prep course does not register you to take the civil service test. The Ed Fund does not cover filing fees for civil service exams. Members must submit their applications and filing fees for exams to the Dept. of Citywide Administrative Services. For more information, visit their Web site at www.nyc.gov/dcas. In the list, OC means open competitive and P means promotional.

Exam TitleExam
Period Starts
Exam TitleExam
Period Starts
Traffic Enforcement Agent2313OC09/01/11Supervising Police Communications   
Emergency Medical Specialist - EMT2004OC09/01/11 - Technician (Prom)2514P01/04/12
Interpreter (Spanish)2007OC09/01/11Child Protective Specialist2332OC02/01/12
Program Evaluator (ACS)2008OC09/01/11Eligibility Specialist2333OC02/01/12
Caseworker2314OC10/01/11Motor Vehicle Operator2324OC02/01/12
Child Protective Specialist2319OC10/01/11Motor Vehicle Operator (HHC)2325OC02/01/12
Eligibility Specialist2320OC10/01/11Sewage Treatment Worker2328OC02/01/12
Sewage Treatment Worker2316OC10/01/11Traffic Enforcement Agent2331OC02/01/12
Claim Specialist2009OC10/05/11Associate Engineering Technician (Prom)2515P02/01/12
Police Communications Technician2013OC10/05/11Associate Engineering Technician2030OC02/01/12
Printing Press Operator2017OC10/05/11Cashier2031OC02/01/12
Public Health Epidemiologist2014OC10/05/11Traffic Enforcement Agent2336OC03/01/12
Climber and Pruner2016OC11/02/11Construction Project Manager2034OC03/07/12
Telecommunications Associate (Data)2019OC11/02/11Project Manager2036OC03/07/12
Telecommunications Associate (Voice)2020OC11/02/11Watershed Maintainer2038OC03/07/12
Telecommunications Specialist (Data) (Prom)2507P11/02/11Motor Vehicle Operator2339OC04/02/12
Telecommunications Specialist (Data)2021OC11/02/11Motor Vehicle Operator (HHC)2340OC04/02/12
Telecommunications Specialist (Voice) (Prom)2508P11/02/11Sewage Treatment Worker2341OC04/02/12
Telecommunications Specialist (Voice)2022OC11/02/11Correction Administrative Aide2039OC04/04/12
Senior Motor Vehicle Supervisor (Prom)2509P12/07/11Highway Transportation Specialist2040OC04/04/12
Senior Motor Vehicle Supervisor (HHC) (Prom)2510P12/07/11Caseworker2337OC05/01/12
Emergency Medical Specialist - Paramedic2026OC01/04/12Child Protective Specialist2348OC05/01/12
Emergency Medical Specialist -
Paramedic (Prom)
2513P01/04/12Eligibility Specialist2349OC05/01/12
Medical Records Specialist (HHC)2027OC01/04/12Traffic Enforcement Agent2346OC05/01/12
Public Health Nurse2028OC01/04/12Child and Family Specialist2041OC05/02/12
Public Health Nurse (School Health)2028OC01/04/12City Tax Auditor2042OC05/02/12
    Job Opportunity Specialist2347OC06/01/12

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