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CUNY 2009-2017 Economic Agreement

Full-Time Employees:

Estimate Your Raise and Retro
Retroactive Pay Estimator
(Please double-click in the yellow box, type the amount and hit 'Enter.')

Salary calculator is based on a constant number of hours worked from
May 1, 2011 thru January 19, 2017 (Sr. College pay date).
Retro pay calculations for Community Colleges may be slightly higher
due to a different pay date, 1/27/16.

Any breaks in service, change in annual hours, change in salary during
the period of time will not be reflected in the estimated Total Cash Payment.
If you started working after May 2011 the retroactive payment will be less.

All figures represented by this calculator are estimates and are pre-tax.
The bonus and retro are subject to applicable federal state and local taxes.






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