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Judith Arroyo

President, Local 436

Judith Arroyo
President, Local 436

Judith Arroyo, the president of the United Federation of Public Nurses and Epidemiologists Local 436 since 2007, was re-elected to the Executive Board in January for a second term.

Her local has over 1,000 active members who are on the frontlines protecting the health of New York City’s 1.1 million school children and residents.

“Women represent almost half the membership at DC 37 and we need more women to step into leadership roles,” said Arroyo, a registered nurse who is a U.S. military veteran. “I believes in grassroots organizing—getting to know people and having conversations—to build stronger unions.”

As the largest donor to PEOPLE, the American Federation of County State and Municipal Employees political fundraising program, Arroyo said, “The union has come full circle in its organizing techniques and is reaching out and talking to record numbers of members to get them enrolled, active and involved.”

“My members are always in the field. We talk to people and that gives us a better handle on what they are thinking,” Arroyo said. “We cannot afford to make assumptions or put people in a box. We can’t afford to alienate any member whose views may be different than ours. As union leaders we cannot take any member for granted.

“And likewise for our members, they cannot take their union for granted,” Arroyo added. “Too many conservative right groups are fighting to end labor unions. They’d like to see us go away.”