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Economic Contract

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Local 372 Hourly Employees:

Estimate New Base Rate

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*Note – The 10/26/19 effective date of increase falls in the middle of a pay period. Pay dates will vary.

Tentative Pay Dates
Mayoral Agencies
November 15, 2019 3% Increase on Rate
November 29, 2019 3% Increase on Additions to Gross**
Department of Education
November 14, 2019 E-Bank (Hourly)
November 15, 2019 H-Bank (If applicable, Additions to Gross** will be paid 11/29/19)
January 23, 2020 L. 372 Family Workers
December 13, 2019 B1 Per Annum employees  (including Additions to Gross**)
December 20, 2019 B2 Hourly Employee’s  (including Additions to Gross**)

**Additions-to-Gross are payments in addition to base salary including: advancement/promotion and level increases; assignment, certification, educational, license, experience, longevity and night shift/evening differentials; recurring increment payments (RIP); service increments; and transportation, uniform, uniform maintenance and equipment allowances.