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Volunteers Needed

DC 37 retirees and volunteers in phone bank at union headquarters.

Phone Banking

Your participation in the Political Action Committee meetings, phone bank operations, lobbying efforts and election activities make DC 37 a powerful advocate for New York City’s public employees.

Does Political Action conduct phone banks?
Political Action has computerized phones located in Room 215 of DC 37 headquarters for issue and candidate phone banks.

How can I volunteer for the DC 37 phone bank?
You can come to the Political Action Department to pick up a volunteer registration form for phone banks, or you can contact Political Action at (212) 815-1550 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for further information.

How often are phone banks conducted?
Phone banks are conducted depending on issue and election campaign schedules. If you are interested in volunteering, please call Political Action at (212) 815-1550 for a schedule for the phone bank.


DC 37 members mobilize to get out the vote as part of the union’s
field operations.

Field Operations

DC 37’s field operation efforts are focused on achieving the union’s legislative objectives for the year. To this end, we will be recruiting DC 37 members to work with us as mobilization coordinators to assist us in turning out our members for important upcoming events.

To bolster these efforts and to maximize our success, we will also be organizing a mobilization team to assist with our organizing activities around our political agenda.

DC 37 members should complete and in a Field Operations Form (PDF) if you would like to volunteer to be part of our effort to turn out our members for important events. Please include your email address and cell phone number to receive emails and text-message updates and alerts.