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Economic Contract

September 2017 and September 2018 Pay Increase

Members Covered by the 2017-2021 Economic Agreement See 2% and 2.25% Raises in September

Paychecks will reflect a 2% and a 2.25% compounded increase on base salaries and Recurring Increment Payments in October for most employees. The first increase is effective September 26, 2017 and the second increase is effective September 26, 2018. As of now, the City anticipates paying in mid-October.

“DC 37 is proud to bring an economic agreement to the members that delivers real raises and no concessions. We encourage you to vote YES loudly and clearly on this contract.” said Henry Garrido, Executive Director of DC 37, AFSCME.

Who is covered — Mayoral agencies, Authorities, Health and Hospitals, and members of Culturals and Libraries.
Who is not covered — CUNY, EMS, Prevailing Rate, and Private Sector Units.

The Economic Agreement determines the overall general wage increases for the majority of DC 37 members. It also includes provisions for job security, annuities and privatization.

What agencies are covered?

  • Mayoral agencies
  • Cultural institutions
  • Department of Education
  • Libraries
  • HHC

What are the exceptions?

  • Certain non-mayoral agencies: In certain non-mayoral agencies like CUNY, workers are not covered by the economic contract. Contact your union representative or local president for more information.
  • Prevailing rate workers: Wages and benefits are covered under separate agreements called Comptroller’s Determinations. Contact your union representative or local president for more information. (See also the NYC Comptroller’s website)