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The Retirees Association of DC 37

World Trade Center Health Program

Please click below to download and print the Retirees Association application form.

The Retirees Association is open to all retired municipal employees who worked in the jurisdiction of DC 37 at any time in their careers, or who draw benefits from DC 37 Funds, and their spouses/domestic partners.

The Association works for legislative, political and social campaigns to defend and improve health insurance, social security, pensions and Medicare. It funds recreational and learning activities for eligible retirees.

Please click on the link below for a copy of the Retirees Association Constitution:

Edward W. Hysyk
Telephone: (212) 815-1781
Address: 75 Maiden Lane, Fifth Floor,
New York, NY 10038.

Edward W. Hysyk
Retirees Association

Medicare Part B: Update on 2019 Reimbursement

For those retirees who received their Medicare Part B Reimbursement from the NYC Office of Labor Relations (OLR), a direct deposit was made by OLR on Friday, April 17, 2020, to the same bank account that their pension check is deposited into. Paper checks will be sent out later. Everyone should check the amount that was deposited against the amount that they actually paid for Medicare Part B in 2019 by comparing the amount received to the amount shown on their SSA 1099 for 2019. If there is a difference, the member should file the 2019 Medicare Part B Reimbursement Differential Request Form or the Medicare Part B IRMAA Reimbursement Form if they are in a high income status. No one should complete both forms for the 2019 year. Both forms are available online at

Retiree activities in Florida, North Carolina and Nevada

Retirees living in Florida, North Carolina and Nevada can participate in union retiree “sub-chapters” in those three states. There are no additional dues for members wishing to get involved.

In Florida, the Retirees Association has three sub-chapters in the Southeast region (Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach), Orlando and West Coast (Tampa/St. Petersburg). The contact information is:

Region Contact Phone E-mail
Central Caryle-Linda Rosenblatt (352) 454-3039
Southeast Myrna Cabranes (754) 265-1922
West Coast John Henry Lewis (727) 599-1724


In North Carolina and Nevada, there are joint sub-chapters with other AFSCME retirees who worked for other states and localities, and who relocated after they retired. The North Carolina sub-chapter has activities all around the state while Nevada is essentially in Las Vegas. The contact information is:

Region Contact Phone E-mail
North Carolina Bill Dworkin (336) 885-2538
Nevada Jack Levine (702) 463-7436


Florida Retiree Membership Meetings
Volunteers Wanted And Needed
Volunteers are wanted and needed to assist Florida Chapter Officers with our meeting activities. No experience required, just common sense and the desire to help provide our members with general services and information. If interested, contact John Henry Lewis at 727-599-1724 for details. Remember ” although we have retired, we have not expired.”