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Donald Nesbit

Executive V.P. Local 372

Donald Nesbit
Executive V.P. Local 372
Donald Nesbit, the executive vice president of Local 372 since 2014, was elected to his first term on the DC 37 Executive Board in January.

Nesbit’s career at the New York City Dept. of Education began in 1998 as a Sr. School Lunch Helper at P.S. 299. Five years later he was promoted to Assistant Cook at P.S. 274 and the following year he was named Cook in Charge (S.L.A.) at Acorn High School for Social Justice, where he worked for nine years. A union shop steward, Nesbit helped defend coworkers’ rights. Local 372 members elected Nesbit the chapter Secretary of Local 372’s Monthly/Annual School Lunch Employees in 2011.

“The union needs people who care involved in leadership positions to better meet the many challenges our members face,” Nesbit said. “My ultimate goal is to preserve our rights, and to protect members at every level against the onslaught of attacks by the Conservative Right and apathetic voices.”

Nesbit served as coordinator ad vice chair of Local 372’s Next Wave Committee and is a Local 372 delegate. He lobbies tirelessly in Washington D.C. for children to have greater access to healthy food in public schools and in underserved neighborhoods. In 2017 Universal Feeding became a reality.

“I am soldier in labor’s fight for democracy, collective bargaining, free speech and the right each worker has to participate in a union,” Nesbit said. “No one should be left out. Everyone’s view must be considered.”

Nesbit is the Chair of the DC 37 Political Action Committee, a trustee of the Board of Education Retirement System (BERS), a member of LACLA, the Latino labor advocacy group, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and is an executive committee member of the New York Chapter of the NAACP.