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About Us

Local 154
NYC Amalgamated Professional Employees

Juan A. Fernández

Telephone Number

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We Work As
Human Rights Specialists, Equal Rights Compliance Specialists, Claim Specialists, Public Records Aides, Departmental Librarians, Title Examiners, Research Assistants, Senior Mental Health Consultants, Linen Distribution workers and Finger Imaging Operators. Local 154 members work in a variety of job titles and at different levels. This is just a brief description of who we are and how we help make this city run.

We Work In
The Comptroller’s Office, School Construction Authority, Commission on Human Rights, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Design and Construction, Law Department, City Planning Commission, Department of Buildings, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of Sanitation, Department of Finance, Department of Transportation, Department of Records and Information Services, Housing Authority, Transit Authority, New York City Health and Hospitals, New York Law School, AFIS and Sodexo.