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About Us

Local 1740
New York City School Construction Authority

Charles Komlo

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We Work As
Arch/Eng Tech A/B/C, Architect Intern, Associate Architect A/B, Architect A/B/C, Engineer Intern, Associate Engineer A/B, Engineer A/B/C, Estimator, Senior Estimator, Expeditor, Industrial Hygienist A/B/C, Inspector A/B, Plan Examiner, Quality Assurance Specialist, Senior Construction Assessment Specialist, Technical Inspector, Assistant Project Officer I, Assistant Project Officer II, Project Officer I, Public Information Specialist, Publick Information Specialist – B and Site Acquisition Specialist.

Local 1740 Architectural and Engineering Technical professionals perform all phases of design drafting and technical services for the Rehabilitation of New York City’s over 1700 Public School buildings within the 5 boroughs of New York City including designing and building of new Public Schools.

We Work In
The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA).