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Local 205 Day Care Employees

Union rallies for Human Services workers’ pay increase

In a compromise between the Governor and the State Legislature, the recently passed New York State budget provides Human Services Workers with a $3-an-hour increase, bringing current wages to $17 an hour this October. By Oct. 2024, there will be an additional $1 per hour raise to $18 an hour, with enforcement given to the New York State Department of Labor. Read more.

Support the Fight for Fair Wages

Our fight for fair wages continues. DC 37 is demanding a living wage for private sector homecare, healthcare and daycare essential workers and an end to government exploitation of the Human Services workforce.

If you were unable to attend the March 10 rally at City Hall, you can still make your voice heard. Please add your name to the petition to support our essential home, health, and daycare workers' fight for a livable wage, dignity and respect.


DC 37 and a coalition of unions are demanding a living wage for DC 37's private sector homecare, healthcare and daycare essential workers and an end to government exploitation of the Human Services workforce. For too long unfair practices have resulted in poverty-level wages for Human Services workers under contract with New York City and state agencies. More than 66% of these workers are women and nearly 70% are people of color.

Tell City Hall and Albany not to balance their budgets on the backs of Black, Indigenous and communities of color and low-income neighborhoods. Please support our 17,000 union sisters and brothers in DC 37's nonprofit and private sector locals by calling on our leaders to…

  • Establish, fund, and enforce an automatic annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) on all human services contracts.
  • Set a living wage floor of no less than $21 an hour for all City and State funded human services workers.
  • Create, fund, and incorporate a comprehensive wage and benefit schedule for government contracted human services workers comparable to the salaries made by City and State employees in the same field.
FREE At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits

Beginning Wednesday, January 19, 2022, you can order free rapid COVID-19 test kits through the government at the following website

A total of four test kits can be ordered per household.
Call 1-800-232-0233 to order the four boxes of free COVID-19 tests.
Feel free to share this information with your family members, relatives and friends.


Cooks in our Day Care and Head Start programs:
A refresher workshop in Food Handling Safety will be held February 2nd from 1pm to 3pm.

Test prep workshops for teacher certification exams begin this month.
Test prep workshops for Assistant Teachers begin in February.
Click here to register.

State –mandated workshops needed for certification.

Preparation classes for NYSTCE certification exams and all other classes.

Spanish Classes, Spring 2022. Click here for more information.

For more information, click here.

Important Resources for DC 37, Local 205

Robert Ramos

Telephone Number
(212) 219-0022

Who We Are
Since its founding and signing its first contract in 1967, this local’s 6,000 members work in more than 350 early education and child care centers located throughout New York City. This local has been the bulwark for quality affordable child care. Day care members, through their dedication and expertise, have elevated the New York system into a showcase for the nation.

Early education and day care advocates cite New York’s system as an example of the advantages of unionized child care.

Few locals in the city can boast of a comparable record of legislative/political mobilization. Demonstrations by Local 205 members have numbered in the thousands as members as well as parents have never failed to respond to threats against city’s vital early education and day care system. This mobilization has won legislation and increased funding throughout the state. Members were instrumental also in securing passage of the Act for Better Child Care which increased federal spending and resources for child care throughout the nation.

DC 37 is at your service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for more information.

We Work As
Early Childhood Education Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Professional Support Staff.

We Work In
Early Education and Child Care centers in New York City.

Early Childhood Career Ladder
Local 205, CSA and the Day Care Council of New York are committed to providing the highest quality of early childhood care and education. We are excited to announce the launch of the Early Childhood Career Ladder (ECCL) program this fall. The collective bargaining agreement between New York City, Local 205, CSA, and the Day Care Council of New York (DCCNY) includes $2.5 million in funding for ECCL. The Early Childhood Career Ladder Program (ECCL) seeks to strengthen the quality of care children receive by increasing the number of certified professionals in New York City’s early childhood education system. The goal of the ECCL program is to provide financial support for eligible individuals who want to advance their careers professionally by continuing their education.

If you have questions about the program, please email Marcia Hunte, Education Program Coordinator at

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