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Local 389 Home Care Employees

ATTENTION HAPI MEMBERS: If you are a member losing employment at HAPI Inc. and choose to seek employment at Allen Home Care and stay in our Union, please CLICK HERE for more information or call (212) 219-0022.
To contact a representative, please call or email:
Sylvia Kemp, Tel. (646) 887-0023, Email SKemp@DC37.NET
Liana Malave, Tel. (646) 398-3102, Email LMalave@DC37.NET

Resources for DC 37, Local 389

Margaret Glover

Telephone Number
(212) 219-0022


Employee Benefits Guidebook

Who We Are
Local 389 currently has 7,000 members as it continues to grow and organize the nonunion home care service sector. Through contract negotiations, great success has been reached in elevating the wage and benefit package for members, including a life insurance and pension plan.

DC 37 is at your service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for more information.

We Work As
Home care aides.

We Work In
Home care services.

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