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Local 436
United Federation of Nurses and Epidemiologists

Nominees for Delegates to the 2022 AFSCME Convention

Andrea Graham (DOHMH-PHN II-OSH)
Laura Humphrey (DOHMH-PHN I-OSH)
Norma Torres (DOHMH-PHN I-OSH)

Dear Members: These are the nominees for delegates to the 2022 AFSCME Convention in Philadelphia, Pa.
Ballots will be mailed out between Monday, May 23 and Wednesday, May 25th.
Completed ballots must be received by the American Arbitration Association by 5 p.m., June 14th.
If you do not receive a ballot by Friday, May 27th, you may phone 1-800-529-5218, M-F, 9am-5pm for a duplicate ballot.

A special meeting will be held on June 15, Wednesday, 6 pm, via Zoom to report out the results.
Mtg. ID: 839 7722 4170
Passcode: 708326.

L436 Election Committee.

Sharon Braxton

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We Work As
Public Health Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pediatric Nurse Associates and Public Health Epidemiologists. Local 436 members work in a variety of job titles and at different levels. This is just a brief description of who we are and how we help make this city run.

We Work In
The Department of Health and the Health and Hospitals Corporation.