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Election 2017

Volunteer Member Organizers went door-to-door on Primary Day in the Bronx. Activists also took the union message to Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

DC 37 backed candidates win


DC 37’s activism helped determine the winners in the Democratic Primary elections earlier this week.

“We focused our efforts in districts with high density DC 37 membership, communities where literally thousands of DC 37 members live,” said DC 37 Political Action director Jeremy John. Those areas include southeast Queens, central Brooklyn and northern Manhattan/the Bronx.

An army of more than 200 DC 37 activists, volunteers and leaders began making phone calls and knocking on doors in July and helped provide the margin of victory for Mayor Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate Letitia James and numerous City Council candidates, in particular:

  • Francisco Moya, District 21 (Queens)
  • Adrienne Adams, District (Queens)
  • Alicka Samuel, District 41 (Brooklyn)
  • Diana Ayala, District 8 (upper Manhattan/Bronx)

Ayala took to Twitter on the day after the primary to express her appreciation for DC 37’s efforts on her behalf.
“Thank you @DistCouncil37 for your time, dedication, and consistency! I don’t take your hard work for granted!” she tweeted.

Retired Local 372 member Nellie Gonzalez works the phones on Primary Day at the union.
“These victories confirm our union’s commitment to fortifying our political operation and supporting our legislative agenda at City Hall,” John said.

“During the past three years, we have made progress on issues that are vital to working families—reducing inequality, raising wages, increasing affordable housing and improving access to quality education for all. But there is much more to do, and we need to elect officials who will not waver in support of working families and our agenda. The union will continue to work tirelessly for all of our candidates, local and citywide, as well as getting our members to the polls to oppose the proposed Constitutional Convention in November.”

DC 37 members who want to join the Volunteer Member Organizers and work on campaigns can contact John at 212-815-1550 or send an email message to