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Labor Day 2018

PEP photos by Mike Lee and Chris Policano
IT’S ON TO NOVEMBER: Led by DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido (above, center) union members and their leaders marched through New York City in a raucous celebration of union power.

This is a union town!

In one of the largest turnouts in years, DC 37 and other unions came out fired up and ready to go at the annual Labor Day Parade, in Midtown Manhattan on Sept. 8.

The heavy turnout by union members from across the New York City area sent a message of defiance to efforts by right-wing extremists to break union power. As the election season begins in earnest, the parade shows that the union is ready to strike back and help elect progressive candidates who will work to maintain our freedoms and protect our hard-won benefits.

Thousands came out to show their fervent support for the city’s unions, including Local 1549’s Lorenzo Sheppard.

“When I hear union, I get excited because I think about the unity,” he said. “All of us coming together and fighting for what is right.”

“Our members are more energized than ever,” said DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido. “We will continue the fight to protect our hard-fought rights and benefits.”