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Participate in storm safety program

New York City is at great risk for coastal storms starting Aug. 1 and NYC Emergency Management is looking for people interested in joining a storm safety program.

StormStaff is a vital piece of the city’s Coastal Storm Sheltering operation that keeps New Yorkers safe during and after storms. StormStaff participants come from all backgounds, ranging from management to entry-level workers. They receive training online or in a classroom, and are first to be notified of citywide sheltering activations.

As a StormStaff member, you have the opportunity to volunteer to work at the shelter nearest to your home or another location convenient to you.

For information on compensation, please see the Shelter Worker Quick Guide issued by the New York City Emergency Management Dept., or check with your agency’s Coastal Storm Plan liaison. Make sure your supervisor approves your participation.

Hurricane shelters are set up mostly in Dept. of Education schools in your community. There are a variety of jobs in a shelter, and most require organizational skills, team communication, and common sense problem-solving.

When you arrive at the hurricane shelter, you’ll speak to the shelter manager to match up your skills and comfort level to a specific position.

Thousands of city workers came to work in the shelter system during hurricanes Irene and Sandy. Their participation was essential to the city’s response. Many who worked in shelters count it among the best experiences of their lives and an incredible opportunity to help their communities during an emergency.

For the Shelter Worker Quick Guide and access to the Coastal Storm Plan training materials, please email The Coastal Storm Planners at New York Emergency Management will help get more information and connect you with your agency’s Coastal Storm Plan liaison.