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Edited by Alfredo Alvarado

Members joined thousands of activists in the nation’s capital on March 24.

Activists join March for Our Lives in D.C.

Adults joined teenagers all over the world for demonstrations to end gun violence. A busload of DC 37 activists left union headquarters early Saturday morning and joined the estimated 800,000 people in Washington, D.C. on March 24 for the March for Our Lives rally.

In Boston, 50,000 people marched through Boston Common while in Los Angeles 60,000 people rallied in front of City Hall.

Rallies in favor of tighter gun laws — in response to the killing of 17 high school students in Florida on Feb. 14 — also took place in Miami, Houston, Cincinnati and Minneapolis.

In New York a rally turned out thousands around Columbus Circle where a stage for speakers was set up.

Demonstrations also took place in Brooklyn and Staten Island.