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Opportunity for graduating high school students


New York City Council member Mark Treyger recently introduced a bill to provide high school students with access to the many job opportunities offered by the civil service system.

Treyger’s bill would require the city’s Dept. of Education to distribute information about civil service exams, administered by the Dept. of Citywide of Administrative Services (DCAS), to graduating high school students preparing to enter the job market.

The DOE will provide students with job descriptions, application and job eligibility requirements and pay grades. Students will also have an opportunity to apply for exams online, and fees for first time test takers could be waived.

Treyger, who is chair of the City Council’s Education Committee, says he wants to make sure young job seekers are made fully aware of the opportunities available to them in the public sector.

“We need to make sure students have a full grasp of careers that are out there and within their reach,” said Treyger, who represents the 47th District in Brooklyn.

With as many as 125,000 city employees retiring in the next couple of years, city agencies will have many job openings that need to be filled.

District Council 37 has been addressing the need to fortify the city’s workforce by hosting hiring halls at union headquarters, where city residents can fill out applications and be interviewed for civil service jobs.

More than 900 job seekers came to the union’s hiring hall last October to apply for 300 positions at the DOE.

“We believe the union has a significant role to play in preparing the next generation of the city’s workforce,” said DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido.