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About Us

DC 37 Black History Committee

The DC 37 Black History Committee celebrates
Black History during February.
Deborah Allman
Local 1930

Lanette Murphy
Local 372

Meetings as required.

Major events throughout February

Mission Statement
The DC 37 Black History Committee works to unveil and embrace our African American heritage, and pass the torch to our members and the black community at large. We are committed to a long-term effort to provide unimpeachable information about this legacy, and to encourage a mutually satisfying exchange of ideas. We are committed to the development of our community through our leadership and active involvement. We seek to extend our historical achievements and traditions, and promote the educational and economic growth of our community. We are committed to fostering amongst all ethnic groups a better understanding about the black experience. The Black History Committee will be a model of excellence: honest, professional and effective as we use our time, talents and resources for the enhancement of people of African descent.